Monthly Cost of Living in Canada

 Canada is one of the most desired places for immigration because of its world-famous lifestyle, free healthcare benefits, quality education, abundant job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and endless scenic beauty.

But everything comes with a price. The best civilization comes with money and proper education. So yes, Canada is costly but you can’t complain about it! The only thing that you can do is be aware of what might cost how much and what should be purchased and what should be taken along from your own country. Research is the key to avoiding any shocking inconveniences in the initial days.

While being a great country to live in and work and some expenses being government-funded, there are many other expenses that should be considered before creating a budget. Because budgets can save the day!

So, our expert immigration consultants have calculated an average monthly cost of living budget for you. Read on!

Is Canada costly?
Yes, Canada is costly and you should have a minimum income of C$ 1200 per week to sustain along with your family in the country. The monthly expenses might vary back or forth depending upon your job nature and the province or city you are living in, but the above amount is assumed to be a safe number or an enjoyable amount. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc can be the costliest due to their high urbanization, and cities like Prince George, Weyburn, Brockville, etc are some of the cheapest cities to live in.

While some expenses like healthcare, education might be government-funded to an extent, there are many other bills on the list that are unavoidable.

The average cost of living in Canada per Province

Toronto, ON
Single person ($3651)
Family ($7300)

Vancouver, BC
Single Person ($3324)
Family ($ 6110)

Ottawa, ON
Single Person ($ 2880)
Family ($5400)

Calgary, AB
Single Person ($ 2500)
Family ($5200)

Quebec City, QC
Single Person ($1880)
Family ($4120)

The above chart makes it clear that researching and finding the right province can save you up to CAD2000 and that’s a lot of money.
No city in Canada is under-developed or below any other city. If a city is famous for the tech sector, others might be famous for agriculture, mining, etc. It just depends on your requirements. Whether you choose the costliest place or the cheapest, you will find the essence of Canada in each of them. Moreover, life in smaller cities is much more peaceful than in big urban cities.

Average Expenses-

Housing expenses-
Apartment rents can vary depending on the city size and urbanization and can range from C$1,338.20 for 1 bedroom in cities to C$1,123.75 for 1 bedroom in the outskirts. Whereas the 3 BHK can range from C$2,166.95 in cities to C$1,827.06 in outskirts.


Basic (Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage)- C$165
Internet (Unlimited data, Cable/ WiFi)- C$80
Local 1 minute Prepaid Mobile Plan- C$0.4

Gasoline (1 liter)- C$1.17
Taxi- C$ 2-4
Local TRansport- C$3.25

Food and Groceries-
The food and groceries cost depend on the place you are purchasing from. You can wait for sales in malls to get them cheaper or visit local vendors. Online shopping can also be cheaper as you might get coupons or discounts.

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